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Moving tips introduction

moving a week ago:

1  cleaning clothes furniture cabinets and spraying pesticide, avoid cockroach into new homes.

2  clean up the new House, in a corner, drains and other wet areas sprayed with pesticide.

3  check the new toilet drain and the toilet drain is open,4  check the new ceilings and walls for signs of leaking, need repair.

Remember to computer hard disk data backup a copy to avoid in case of unexpected things. Split complex audiovisual equipment lines, numbers at the line and terminals.

three days before the move:

(1) for the cable TV procedures and (2) pay telephone outage transfer procedures; (3) the last use of water, electricity, coal, and the suspension of the Bank's payment business; (4) inform company new address post and milk (5) informing friends and family to the new place; (6) disassembling appliance, refrigerator defrosting and cleaning.