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Hoisting equipment

, determination of hoisting methods and technical measures

1, determined according to the actual lifting of ontology construction method of parameters, structure and site conditions, lifting apparatus and method of using different, generally tall hoisting cranes hoisting of materials and equipment, lower mechanical hoisting material equipment, uses a mobile crane hoisting of medium, large two car cope with each other can be used for lifting.

2, equipment lifting points identified and lugs selection and installation of the equipment lifting lug that can be used on its own lug, without mounting lugs on the equipment according to installation requirements, in accordance with the relevant specifications select the lug fabrication and installation equipment. Lugs should generally be used for making and consistent body of material, and material inspection.

3, hanging beam design and rigging calculation before lifting equipment must be according to the weight of the lifting equipment, structural analysis calculation, rational design of lifting beam, choose a suitable hoisting machinery. Sling selection, through specific formulas, control various types of allowable stress of steel wire rope, to be determined. Calculation of to consider reduction coefficient, uneven coefficient, coefficient of dynamic load and safety factor.

4 delivery methods in the lifting process, drag hoist line slip, generally use the winch traction drag rows of slipping delivery method. This method requires the design of a steel exhaust, front a traction hoist. The equipment requires high glide path, roads not only compact, but also smooth. In the course of operation and requirements for lifting the overall coordination and operational cooperation coordinated in order to ensure the continuity and stability of lifting 5, skirt material reinforcement device if the device is heavy weight, large size, lifting force focus rear skirt. In order to prevent lifting the skirt in the process of deformation, measures must be taken on the bottom of the skirt, added triangular brace or cross support frame, reduce the deformation of hoisting the skirt, so as not to affect the speed of equipment in place.

Second, lifting step
1, equipment access, upper row in the context of the preparatory work done, began organizing on the equipment comes into play, and the lifting work.
2, before getting ready for a lifting device in lifting must be fully prepared to careful inspection and verification work. Check the device installed in the correct Datum marks, azimuth marks; check whether the equipment lifting lugs meet installation requirements.
3, lifting Sling includes pulley hanging hanging ears, electric hoist, tensile testing and orientation adjustment, tractive and trailing exhaust system settings and so on.
4, try hanging load test check; lifting lifting Operations Commander low-down; layout elements and main contents of the monitoring posts to monitor, crane test down multiple times, each section has a coordination and security review changes, such as the various parts.
5, and lifting in place by Commander official ordered the Deputy command, check the post to gang standby situation, and check the command signaling system whether normal; the post reported prepared situation, and signal timely notification command Taiwan; official lifting, makes equipment left temporary bearing 500-800mm Shi stop, and for further check, the post should reported situation whether normal; removal equipment bearing and the ground debris, continues to lifting.
Third, note 1, loading is lifting the main core of the chain of command, are also key to the lifting. Therefore, you should set up a leading group of lifting, operating systems for lifting and formulate a comprehensive and efficient command, drawing lifting jobs plan, exercise machine, person, title, responsibilities, the entire installation process for an orderly and smooth.
2, as a large-scale equipment hoisting, must establish a set of strict and effective management methods, let each of the presence of staff members are aware of their responsibilities in order to ensure the success of a lifting.
3, and construction site using crane job Shi strictly implementation "ten not hanging" of principles, that "weight unknown not hanging, and eat soil not clear not hanging, and signal not clear not hanging, and has up no fell not hanging, and hanging real not clear not hanging, and night no lighting not hanging, and Sling not meet provides not hanging, and hanging real lashing not firm not hanging, and hanging real upper and lower was not hanging, and six level wind above not hanging".